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Butch Milbrandt

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“Be it innovation, determination, or sheer grit, the Milbrandts have never shied away from a challenge and that persistence is reflected in the quality of their wines. The wines are crafted to be enjoyed on any occasion, whether it’s following a long day’s work or a once in a lifetime celebration.”

Pioneer of the Columbia Valley wine region, Butch Milbrandt saw potential in Eastern Washington. He’s one of the first to drive a stake into what is now known as a world-class wine destination. In 1997, this fourth-generation farmer took a risk in planting grapes and soon became recognized for helping establish two of the top AVAs in Washington State: Ancient Lakes and Wahluke Slope.

The Milbrandts, in their various wine ventures, have contributed to more 90-point wines than any other fourth-generation farming family in Washington. Their Evergreen Vineyard was named “Vineyard of the Year” by Seattle Magazine.

Now a multi-generational brand with Butch and his son Buck taking the lead, Milbrandt Vineyards remains a symbol of perseverance and reward.  A premium wine tier as well as an introductory wine tier is available nationwide, both delivering uncompromising quality.

This bold and innovative father-son team put faith in a young winemaker. Emily Haines (pictured below) has a knack for consistently crafting wines with superior quality in each tier. She’s one of the youngest female winemakers in the state to oversee a winery producing 40,000+ cases and a portfolio of over 20 varietals.

Winery History

Founded in 1997 by brothers Butch and Jerry Milbrandt.

Winery owners are Butch and his children Buck and Kerri Milbrandt.

Grew from a potato and apple farm into a world-class winery.

Emily Haines
Emily HainesDirector of Winemaking

“Emily joined our team in 2009 and she was immersed in this brand since day one, always asking for more and more responsibility.”

– Butch Milbrandt

Milbrandt Vineyards recently promoted 33-year old Emily Haines as Head Winemaker, making her one of the youngest winemakers to oversee a large winery producing over 40,000 cases.

It’s apropos farming pioneer Butch Milbrandt, considered a forefather of the Washington wine industry, put faith and confidence in a charismatic multi-tattooed Millennial. Butch and his son, Buck Milbrandt, say that while narrowing the generational gap is exciting for their brand, the decision was based on Emily’s talent and drive than age.

“She has the experience and passion to take on a portfolio of over 20 varietals. She takes risks while creating unique opportunities for all to connect to our wines, whether it’s a premium single vineyard or an inviting wine of value,” said winery owner Butch Milbrandt.

Haines, a certified live music fanatic and homebrew artisan, who grew up in a “dry” household just minutes from what would become the Woodinville Wine District. She attended Eastern Washington University where she graduated with a double major in Biology and Chemistry with emphasis in Biotechnology and Biochemistry.

Haines headed back to Eastern Washington to work the 2008 Harvest at Desert Wind Winery and then in July 2009, accepted a job as Lab Tech and began working closely with then Milbrandt Vineyards winemaker Gordy Hill. She took over white winemaking for the 2011 harvest under the direction of Josh Maloney and has since helped garner 90-plus scores on several wines including the recent Milbrandt Vineyards 2014 ‘The Estates’ Chardonnay, 2014 ‘The Estates’ Viognier, 2015 Sweet Katherine Riesling, and 2013 Clifton Hill Syrah.

Buck Milbrandt
Buck MilbrandtCo-Owner &
Production Coordinator
Co-Owner Butch Milbrandt and his wife Lisa
Shelly Smith
Shelly SmithTasting Room Manager - Prosser
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Stacy BellewPublic Relations